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Real people for unscripted programming.

We’re a web of casting professionals across the country. We live in big cities and small towns combining our resources to find real people from every corner of the country. Technology has allowed our industry to evolve into a nimble and efficient process. No matter your project, we structure the perfect team to cast it, edit it, and deliver it all through a streamlined system. 


We find people.


We cast a project: hire and oversee the teams, create the infrastructure, deliver on dates, etc.


Hire us to create and run an open casting call for you. Instead of traveling your team, save those flights and streamline it all through us. 


You need something better than Skype or Zoom - we’ll go film a bio package on them.


We tackle ideas.


We come across a lot of great people and access that could use a larger platform. When this happens, we call production companies and make an introduction. Or you could give us a call to tell us about a particular talent you need to find - there's a chance we may already know this person or place.


You pitched a network a logline and they like it...but they want more research, access, and talent. Problem is that your team is already stretched thin. Let us take it and keep you posted along the way. We'll sign an NDA and treat the project with the sensitivity your IP deserves. We’ll leave you with a package that contains the materials needed to get it sold. If not, you’ll know there was no "there" there.


We're always looking for talented folks to join the team - no matter where you live. 

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