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Scarlett De Witt

23 yrs.

New York State Assembly, District 113

Glens Falls, NY

Party: Republican

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PRIMARY: June 28th



Food & Beverage /Model



You can be a politician and you can also be a fashion model. Life is way too short to care about what every single person thinks about you.



  • Scarlett De Witt is a graduate of SUNY Adirondack. During her time there she interned for Don Boyajian and was promoted to Event Coordinator; responsible for phone banks, school visits, and public Q&As.  Ever since she truly dreams of one day becoming the first female President.


  • She describes herself as a moderate Republican. As the daughter of a single mother, she grew up using many social services. She believes that is still very important. She is a firm believer that neither side of the aisle is 100% right and we need to work together for the greater good of the country to move forward.

  • The leading platform she’s running on is education reform, especially concerning standardized testing and financial literacy courses.

  • For a while, Scarlett hid her love for fashion and anything "girly" because she thought true political candidates would not be taken seriously with these interests. She has since embraced this side of her and competes in pageants and models - however, she still wrestles on all-male teams to keep some grit to her.


Friend & Supporter

Jeanne Richards 


Ashley De Witt


While politically minded, Ashely is the first to say that her sister is the political one. She thinks that her sister has a genuine kindness and willingness to help her community. Becuase of that, she has decided to help her in anyway possible. She was by her side knocking doors in the community and plans on helping her moving forward in this campaign.

Jeanne met Scarlett through mutual friends in High School. When Scarlett told Jeanne she was running for office, Jeanne was immediately on board! She has helped with knocking on doors and canvassing to get the thousands of signatures needed for Scarlett to file. She says she admires Scarlett's passion and commitment to going after what she wants.

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