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Matthew Rauschert

22 yrs.

Illinois State Representative, District 71

Avon, IL

Party: Republican

Matthew Rauschert.jpeg


PRIMARY: June 28th



"I just thought, I'm a young guy. I should go get involved.I expected a packed room full of people planning how to win campaigns and what I found was just a handful of people having a very serious debate over whether to have ribs or brisket for their event about six months away."




Industrial Design

  • Matthew was born in Macomb and raised in Bushnell, Illinois. He spent his formative years hunting, fishing, and playing sports. In the fall of 2020, Matthew married his wife, Emma. They now live northwest of Avon with their dogs, pigs, chickens, and turkeys.

  • As a self-proclaimed “modern Republican” with the drive to get more involved with local politics, Matthew was bewildered at how topics of real substance were not being discussed, so he decided to do something about it by throwing his hunting hat in the ring.

  • When Matthew isn't on the campaign trail or working at a manufacturing company, he is in his woodworking shop or out in the woods cutting timber. Frustrated with the lack of data and software tools on the market, he designed his own campaign software. Several conservative causes are now using the data tool he built for campaigning in Illinois.

  • An avid reader of history, he is guided by a clear understanding of the past. While times are dark for Illinois conservatives, Matthew remains optimistic about our future. Matthew is young and full of the energy he believes his party needs. He is full of ideas and has the skills to bring them into reality. His innovative approach to campaigning is already drawing the attention of national conservative organizations.

Josiah Chatterton.png


Emma Rauschert

Campaign Manager

Josiah Chatterton

Emma Rauschert.png

Josiah met Matthew in high school. The two bonded because they both attended the same church. Although he is not a teacher, he studied education in college and education policy is the issue that is most important to him.

Dalton Deneer.jpeg

Emma met Matthew at her church and they formed a connection because they both share a deep love of animals. They started dating during the pandemic and quickly got married. When she isn't helping with the campaign or going to school, she spends time working for the elderly from their church.

Director of Communications

Dalton Deneer


Dalton is a full time student studying finance at Western Illinois University. The youngest member of the team, Dalton takes his role very seriously but is not afraid of cracking a joke or making someone laugh if the work becomes stressful.

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