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Jake Hoffman

31 yrs.

Florida State House of Representatives, District 65

Tampa, FL

Party: Republican

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PRIMARY: August 23rd



Small Business Owner




"I'm done trying to be an activist, writing articles, doing videos/podcasts and things like that when I can just go and make the laws at this point."


  • At only 31 years old, Jake has spent the last three years serving as the President of The Tampa Bay Young Republicans which has been credited with influencing meaningful legislation in Florida. Under Jake’s leadership he has grown the organization from only 10 people in 2018 to over 300 active members today, earning Tampa Bay national recognition, winning the award for the ‘Small Young Republican Club of the Year’ in 2020 from the Young Republican National Federation.

  • After completing three degrees from The University of South Florida including his Master’s in Entrepreneurship, Jake co-founded Invasion Digital Media, an award-winning innovation company that partners with professional athletes in the NFL and UFC to sell digital fitness programs.

  • Jake is a South Florida native and the son of a single mother, raised with strong ties to his Jewish faith.

  • He also volunteers time with Junior Achievement, mentoring youth while living on Davis Island with his fiancé, Michelle, and their dog Roddy. They look forward to getting married in May 2022 after postponing the celebration twice due to COVID-19 travel restrictions.

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Michelle Sassouni

Campaign Manager

Brett Doster

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Brett first met Jake a few years ago through the Tampa Bay political scene. He encouraged Jake to run because he was so impressed with the work that he was doing. He believes that Jake's experience as a business owner, his work with the Tampa Bay Young Republicans, and his young energy are exactly what a great candidate needs to succeed.

Michelle and Jake met her freshman year of college and have been inseparable ever since. In addition to being engaged to Jake, she is also his co-host on their weekly young Republican social media show, Moderately Outraged. She is supporting him in any way possible and has been especially influential in their social media presence.

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Future Mother-in-law

Carol Sassouni


Carol already considers Jake a member of the family. She has seen his work through the Young Republicans and believes he has the skill set and experience that will make him a good representative. Although she has never worked on a campaign, she does have a background in fundraising for non-profit organizations and plans to use that knowlege to help Jake fundraise for his campaign.

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