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Daylen Howard

27 yrs.

Michigan State Senate,
SD 28

Owosso, MI

Party: Republican



PRIMARY: August 2nd



Fine Jewelry Sales




"I watched my mom raise me without government systems and that's why I'm a Republican."


  • Daylen resides in the same place he feels fortunate to have been born and raised - Owosso, Michigan. After attending classes at American University, Daylen recognized a passion and enjoyment in jobs that allowed him to serve others and help them be happy. He began a job at JB Robinson Jewelers where he was eventually promoted to Assistant Manager and continued moving up in the Jewelry Sales and Management industry.

  • The pandemic hit him hard and caused his store to shut down. This prompted Daylen to find a new way to help people after he saw the devastation one year could have on jobs and the economy, which is why Daylen is running for Michigan State Senate District 28 to lead in solution-making for his generation and the next.

  • Daylen first became interested in politics at the age of 5. His grandparents helped his mother raise him and they ran an antique business. His mother recounts him going to auction houses and flea markets and always picking up books about politics or biographies about former presidents. It's only natural that he eventually would run for office.

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Kristin Drake


Kristin knew from the age of five that Daylen was destined for politics. Any book, movie or documentary about politics, he would want to consume as a child. As a mom, while she does worry about her son getting into public service, she believes that Dylan's willingness to accept people for who they are, listen to people's concerns and caring nature makes him an ideal candidate.

Political Strategist

Aaron Evans


Aaron is a political strategist with winning republican strategies, a nationwide republican strategy and consulting firm. He decided to put his support behind Daylen because he believes he has a heart to serve, and that's one of the things that often really gets missed when you think about politics. Aaron and his firm are providing help in creating a winning campaign.

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Friend & Advisor

Maddy Birks


Maddy and Daylen became friends because they were both active in the Young Republicans club in Michigan. They also previously worked on another campaign together. She thinks its important for young people to get involved, and although she is a full time student, she's offering her knowledge and advice to Daylen while he runs. She says Daylen is the best person for the job because he's one of the most reasonable people she knows and a great listener.

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