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Bentley Hudgins

28 yrs.

Georgia State House of Representatives, District 90

Atlanta, GA

Party: Democrat

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PRIMARY: May 24th



Union Member Organizer/Community Builder



"I am a young, Asian, non-binary, queer candidate, that is also a union member, an abolitionist and someone who is working to defend democracy. I have dedicated my entire adult life to building power for people in the new American majority."


  • Bentley is an organizer and union member who has been working for over 10 years to build real power for the new American majority and working families. As a deaf, queer Asian-American growing up during the economic turmoil of the Great Recession, they have seen the impact and violence of poor leadership. Tough life experiences shaped them into the advocate that they are today.

  • The grandchild of veterans, their grandmother came from rice farming land in the mountains of Aizu, Japan. Their mother is a retired public school teacher, and their father has worked at an airport for decades.

  • After graduating from college, they came back to Atlanta, stepped into thier own power, embraced their non-binary gender identity and organized new spaces for LGBTQ+ Asian-Americans.

  • In April of 2021 they organized a pandemic response and vaccination campaign that reached over 450,000 Black and brown people in Atlanta. They confirmed 27,000 vaccinations and helped nearly 3000 people in need of vaccines get resources to make their appointments.

Bridgemon H. Bolger.jpeg

Field Director

Erika Guy

Campaign Manager

Bridgemon Bolger

Erika Guy.png

Bridgemon is a political consultant and activist who has worked on several major campaigns, including campaigning for president Biden and helping him secure Georgia in the 2020 election. He decided to put his efforts behind Bentley because he was the most progressive candidate running in the elections in Georgia. Bridgemon's role as campaign manager will not be easy but he is confident that they will knock on enough doors and reach enough people to secure the election.

No stranger to politics, Erika has worked on campaigns canvasing for several federal, state, and local elections before she connected with Bentley through the Cob County Democratic Committee. Her role as Field Director means that she is in charge of making sure that volunteers & canvassers are getting the word out about the campaign and ensuring that people show up to vote for Bentley in the midterm.

Sam Jones.jpg

Digital Creator

Sam Jones

Sam has no prior experience in politics. She was introduced to Bentley by a mutual friend after they heard Bentley was looking for someone to help with the digital management of their campaign. They met in person for the first time at a drag show and immediately hit it off. Sam is in charge of Bentley's social media and digital presence.

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