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Aarika Rhodes

36 yrs.

U.S. House of Representatives, District CA-32

Northridge, CA

Party: Democrat



PRIMARY: June 7th







"I'm Running for Congress becuase we need new leadership in Washington and in our communities."


  • Aarika Rhodes was born in Las Vegas, Nevada, to two working-class parents who made incredible sacrifices to ensure she received a solid education and access to opportunities they never had. They have supported every single dream and aspiration of hers and are unquestionably Aarika’s role models.

  • Aarika has devoted her life to children and education. In 2013, Aarika received the Teacher of the Year Award from the Los Angeles Clippers for her achievement in constructing an effective science curriculum. She has taught students from diverse backgrounds in public and private schools. She understands the importance of closing the disparity in academic performance between groups of students.

  • In 2020, Aarika was an active volunteer during the Democratic primary for a former presidential candidate, Andrew Yang. She canvassed in Iowa, New Hampshire, Nevada, and all over Los Angeles, where she spoke to hundreds of people about the state of our country.

  • She feels strongly that everyday people matter and will fight hard to solve the problems that matter most to them. If elected, Aarika will support small businesses, foster care reform, work to close the income gap, and fight for every child’s right to quality education.

  • Aarika is also fluent in ASL which she learned to help a friend in college.

John Rhodes.jpg


Diana Rhodes


John Rhodes

Diana Rhodes.jpg

Former UFC fighter, John, taught his daughter the value of hard work. He knew he taught her well when at fourteen, she told him that she no longer wanted her allowance and she wanted to make her own money.

Diana is helping her daughter in any way possible. She phone banks from Las Vegas flies in for all her events and provides as much emotional support as possible. For years, she has watched her daughter work hard to help the people of her community. She knows that she is capable of doing anything that she puts her mind to, and that's what is going to make her the best congresswoman.



Yang Deng


Yang met Aarika through volunteering for another campaign. She strongly believes that young people need to be more involved in politics and jumped at the chance to help Aarika. With a background working in financial analysis, she is using her skills to help the campaign's finances.

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