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Andrew Infante

28 yrs.

Cameron County Justice of the Peace, Precinct 1

Port Isabel, TX

Party: Republican

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Small Business Owner




"Being a young business owner, I've been able to learn a lot through my mistakes. I'm young but I'm not stuck in my ways."


  • Andrew is running for Cameron County Justice of the Peace, Precinct 1 because he believes it's his generation's turn to step up and bring about the change they want. He believes the current administration doesn't have the community's best interest at heart. They have become complacent with doing the minimum duties required and have relied on their name and position to control their community.

  • He was born and raised in the town of Port Isabel and Laguna Vista, TX. His parents raised him with the strong values of Faith, Family, and Respect for all. A graduate of Texas A&M University, he is also a small business owner who owns his own gym.

  • A strong believer in community, he has also been a volunteer firefighter with Port Isabel Volunteer Fire Department, a Rotary International Club member, a scholarship/charities founder, and the Republican Party Precinct 67 Secretary.

  • One of his biggest challenges thus far has been garnering public support and financial support. Because of the current incumbent's well-known family, there are many people who support Andrew, yet they believe they cannot do so publicly due to retaliation or fear of their jobs and cutting ties with that family.

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Darlene Infante


Martin Infante


Martin spent the last 30 years working in banking. His father worked as a shrimper and taught him the meaning of hard work, which he has passed on to his son. He believes that this position has been held for too long by one family, and thinks that there should be a new fresh face to make sure that nepotism doesn't stop advancement and progress. He thinks his son is exactly the fresh face they need.

Darlene finished college later in life and has spent her life working as a special education teacher. She thinks her son is perfect for this position because he is a hard worker and has always felt the need to serve his community. She is very meticulous by nature and helps Andrew by making sure that he has all of his bases covered and he's always thinking three steps ahead.

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Kaylin Infante


Kaylin and Andrew have always been very close. As his sister, she was not surprised that Andrew decided to run for office. She believes he is a hard worker and compassionate person who has the qualities needed to be a fresh face in politics.

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