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Zohaib “Zo” Qadri

32 yrs.

Austin City Council
District 9

Austin, TX

Party: Democrat






Full-Time Candidate




"I often as a young kid saw myself represented in the media as the butt of the joke. And then, after 911 people who look like me were the bad guy. I think representation matters because for far too often black and brown folks have seen themselves portrayed in such a negative light."


  • The firstborn child of immigrants, Zohaib (“Zo”) moved to Texas at the age of 12. He immediately fell in love with the state of Texas, and has considered it his true home ever since. If elected, he will be the first Muslim to serve on Austin's City Council.

  • Since finishing his graduate studies in global affairs, Zo has worked in advocacy roles and on political campaigns in Austin, throughout Texas, and across the country. He began his public service-oriented work with a position on Laura Moser’s campaign for Texas’s 7th Congressional District and worked on Beto O’Rourke’s race, helping to direct political outreach during his run for United States Senate. He also worked as Regional Organizing Director in South Carolina for Elizabeth Warren’s 2020 primary campaign.

  • Zo has worked with local community groups like Austin Needs Water, the Central Texas Food Bank and Del Valle Community Coalition over the last two incredibly challenging years to ensure underserved communities throughout Austin had their basic needs met when confronting both COVID-19 and the devastation to the Texas power grid during last winter’s ice storm.

  • In December of 2020, Zo married the love of his life, Wafa. She works as a PA-C in family practice, and in her free time enjoys watercolor painting and sculpting clay jewelry.

  • In his spare time, Zo can be seen out for a run around downtown Austin in the early mornings, spotted on a bench in Zilker Park with a book on a sunny weekend afternoon, or spending time with their cat, Daisy Mae.


Deputy Campaign Manager

Katya Ehresman

Campaign Manager

Sidney Hollingsworth


Almost Thirty, Sidney is actually one of the oldest members of the team. She met Zo through advocacy work in Austin and her first impression was that he is someone special. She believes that government has made it increasingly harder for young people to have a voice in this room and she hopes this campaign will help change that, especially for the large population of college students in the district.

Katya first met Zo during their time working for the Elizabeth Warren campaign. They bonded quickly over their shared passion for working on campaigns in swing states. When he announced his candidacy, she was eager to help because she believes that his passion for politics and advocacy work is exactly what is needed to best serve Austin.

Screen Shot 2022-04-12 at 2.50.15 PM.png

Data Director

Hamza Sait


One of the main reasons Hamza wanted to get involved in the campaign is because he doesn't see himself in many elected officials. He believes that Zo brings representation to a very underrepresented community. He believes that Zo's empathy is his best quality and one of the many reasons he will make an amazing City Councilman.

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