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A newly divorced couple need to sort through their shared home so both can move on

Joe & Kim Kendall

He's an engineer & production manager, She's formerly an engineer, now a sex shop worker & bondage and kink instructor

Transformation and Story Notes

In September 2022, while Joe Kendall and his kids were away on a mini-vacation, his wife Kim packed up some belongings over three days and moved into an apartment a mile away. 

Joe and Kim had discussed divorce for two years leading up to this; this move was expected, and the divorce is amicable, but nevertheless difficult for both of them. They married in their early 20s, and were parents by 24. They share a lot of history, still love each other, and do not wish to hurt each other any more.

Both engineers, they are smart and well-spoken. She put her career aside to be a stay-at-home mom, when she re-entered the workforce she decided being an engineer wasn't for her and began teaching online Sex-Ed courses. This led to a position at a retail sex shop and teaching in-person lessons on kink and bondage. Kim also practiced polyamory during their marriage; however both state this did not factor into the divorce. She does believe that Joe was always more invested in being a father than he was in being a husband.

Joe's parents provided the then-newlyweds with hand-me-down furniture; the aesthetic is a mix of their hand-me-downs and Kim's choice of paint and decor. Kim took a lot of clothes with her, and a few personal belongings, but anything that was considered 'theirs' was left behind in her haste to move.  Now that the shock of the separation has passed and they settle into a new normal, Joe and Kim are ready to have a final accounting of their belongings.


When Kim left, she took only essentials. They discussed the arrangement of the divorce, all the details of custody, legal stuff. But they never discussed the STUFF. Who keeps what?

Joe is hurt because he feels Kim doesn't want stuff like family photos, pots and pans, etc. As the instigator of the divorce, Kim feels as if she can't take anything else away from Joe, or risk disrupting the home life for her children more than she already has. 

A new divorcee, Joe is a bit rudderless. He cannot see his future, because he is still surrounded by his past.

Stuff/Random Objects
  • Wedding suit

  • Wedding momentos - flowers from wedding , and others

  • Kim’s favorite Christmas stuff

  • Board games

  • Bedroom furniture

  • Family photos

  • Her pots and pan

  • Her work desk / the dining room table

  • The kids childhood toys/ they aren’t young anymore

  • Kim’s bike

  • Kim’s mementos from other partners

  • Kids artwork

Who is getting their stuff?
  • Kim - taking stuff that she feels she has a right to

  • Donation - other stuff, like toys the children have outgrown

Their Thoughts on Death

Kim Kendall Raw Interview:

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