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Cyndi and her wife Kim kept putting off clearing Kim's belongings that cluttered their guest room, and then Kim passed away. Now Cyndi can't move forward until she finishes what her and Kim never started.

Cyndi Byrum

Manufacturer Buyer

Transformation and Story Notes

Cyndi Byrum sees herself as optimistic person, whose life's credo revolves around having fun. Last year, after losing her life partner, her whole world shifted. Now Cyndi is ready to pick up the pieces and put herself and her home back together in order to return to the fun and outgoing person she used to be. 

Cyndi and Kim were together for almost 17 years, and were married by common law. They had plans to have a marriage ceremony in October 2022, to make things official official. But then Kim tragically passed away from a heart attack in June 2022, just 5 days shy of their 17th anniversary.

Rewinding the story, Kim moved into Cyndi’s home in 2010, along with all of her belongings.  The loads of boxes were only a fraction of the way unpacked, the rest filling their guest room-turned-storage unit. Kim was a collector of numerous things. Her collections are dispersed around the home, on the back patio, and in the guest room--in boxes that haven't been opened since 2010. Cyndi isn’t quite sure what is even in them.

Cyndi and Kim were prepared to finally go through the boxes but unfortunately ran out of time. Now, as October approaches, the month that SHOULD have been their 1 year wedding anniversary, Cyndi is ready to face the boxes and miscellaneous collections from Kim in order to move her life forward.

She is motivated to get this done, as her and her best friends are traveling to Belize September 28th to October 2nd to spread Kim’s ashes and enjoy outdoor activities, just like Kim would have wanted. Additionally, Kim’s side of the family is holding a family reunion in Austin on October 14th, and Cyndi would love to bring items from Kim to give to Kim's family to hold onto and cherish.


Cyndi very much does not want to  burden her friends with her emotions, so she has not fully allowed herself to be vulnerable with them.

She feels a sense of guilt for wanting to rid herself of Kim's things in order to live her own life, existing as she does with Kim’s voice in her head shouting “DON’T YOU GET RID OF THAT!” 

Kim worked hard to collect these items; her collections were part of her identity, and Cyndi recognizes that. But as badly as she wants to move on from this stage of sadness, she can't shake this perceived guilt trip from beyond.

She feels angry at Kim for leaving her with this burden and not being around to help her through the mess.

Stuff/Random Objects
  • She’s already found "Bear", Kim’s old vibrator, and a few bongs with old baggies of weed. Cyndi speculates that there will be more vibrators and more “goodies” left uncovered in the boxes. Her dream is to turn this guest room into a beautiful office and a mini “museum”, showcasing some of Kim’s favorite collections and prized possessions.

  • Funny t-shirts collected by Kim that Cyndi would love to turn into a large quilt.

  • Kim was an exceptional artist. Cyndi has kept numerous handmade cards from Kim.

  • Kim was great at sports and has numerous trophies sitting on the back patio, the space where their family and friends used to gather the most.

  • At Kim’s celebration of life, Cyndi had everyone sign a flag, a very sentimental and special keepsake that Cyndi would love to hold onto.

  • Collections of baseball cards, Christmas ornaments, stuffed animals, Funko Pops, and records.

Who is getting their stuff?
  • Donations to museums or collectors

  • Sell off things that may be of value

  • Give to Kim's brothers at the Wallace family reunion.

Their Thoughts on Death

Cyndi knows how it feels to have a lifetime of stuff dumped on one person. She would hate to do that to her friends and family.

She is ready for next chapter and knows that she is not getting any younger!

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