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A crafter-turned mini-mogul is ready to shed some layers from the past.

TK Tunchez

Artist / Event Organizer

Transformation and Story Notes

TK is a spunky and optimistic creative who has truly found her community in Austin. She was born in Guatemala and was then adopted and moved to the US at age 8. The move pulled her away from her home, her life, her dog, and all of her possessions and was forced to start over in the US. At the age of 16, she was a single teen mom and by the age of 17, she was a single teen mom of 2. Throughout this time, she faced homelessness and extreme hardship but never accepted defeat. 10 years ago, she started her own crafting business, making earrings that literally supported her family. Now, having grown her business and even becoming a first-time homeowner, TK is surrounded by items that represent her former life of scarcity and relentless hustle. She has accumulated so many crafting supplies that represent her time of struggle, that she feels she is still in it. She keeps these items around because to her, they saved her life.  

This is one woman's story about living in scarcity and not being able to move out of that mindset.  She has a flourishing business but she still sees herself as a homeless mother of two. 

Recently, she has been faced with thinking about mortality. Last month, she was diagnosed with diabetes. This created an immense fear in TK because of the fact that she was adopted and has no access to her biological family’s medical history. Her life expectancy and family genes are a complete mystery, causing her to think about the potential of dying at any moment. Additionally, her grandbaby was born with a serious medical condition and is living in hospice, essentially waiting for his time to pass. TK is motivated, now more than ever, to confront her past in order to live for her future. She would hate to leave the mess of her home to her daughter, who has her own hands full. The time is now, and although frightened, TK is ready!


As motivated and ready as TK is, she still has that “keep” voice in the back of her head saying ”What if the Death Cleaners don’t want me to keep my stuff?” It will be difficult for her to part with these emotionally charged items.

TK is a recent first-time homeowner, and yet her home has already been consumed with clutter. She wants to be able to break her own cycle of keeping in order to live her best life.

Stuff/Random Objects
  • Photos from her kids

  • Art that she has collected and art that has been given to her throughout her career from vendors. Does she want to keep it? No, but she also sees what the art represents and can’t imagine parting with it.

  • Thousands of beads from her art business

  • Dozens of piles of fake flowers for her flower crowns

  • Multiple mannequin heads in the garage (creepy)

  • Over 30 pairs of scissors

Who is getting their stuff?
  • She would love to give back to the Hispanic community of Austin.

  • So many of her items can be used by someone who will love them, so she would like to donate to artistic organizations.

  • Being able to have the conversation with her daughter regarding what her daughter would like to keep would be very special for TK.

Their Thoughts on Death

She doesn’t know her own family’s health background and this mystery terrifies her.

And with her daughter putting so much of her energy into being there for her sick child, TK would hate to leave this burden to her.

"Death is very real and scary."

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