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A woman trapped by the psychic trauma of grief seeks to turn her home into a place where happier memories can be created.

Stephanie Oertli

Medical Device Sales

Transformation and Story Notes

Stephanie's world was shattered in October 2022 when her mother passed away suddenly. Despite her age of 82, the entire family was caught off guard as they believed she would outlive them all. Stephanie had been her mother's primary caregiver for the last five years of her life, and they resided together.

The past decade has been marked by a series of heart-wrenching losses for Stephanie. She mourned the passing of her three brothers in 2017, 2018, and 2020, and most recently, her mother just seven months ago. Tragically, Stephanie's mother died in the hallway of their home while Stephanie desperately tried to save her life. This haunting event continues to plague Stephanie's nightmares, replaying the painful scene in her mind.

Stephanie possesses a heightened sense of intuition, often experiencing dreams about departed loved ones. In fact, she had a prophetic dream in which her father appeared to her, signaling the passing of her brother before anyone else was aware. This intuitive ability seems to be a family trait, passed down through generations.

Her mother's room and garage are full of her mother's belongings, ensuring that her presence is ever-felt, and ever-oppressive. Stephanie is ready to declutter and turn her mother's old room into a playroom / game room for her grandchildren, so that it can be filled with happy memories to displace the sad ones.


Stephanie is a devoted mother herself, with three adult children named Brooke, Blake, and Caleb. They are deeply concerned for their mother's well-being and are eager to support her in finding closure and moving forward with her life. Brooke, in particular, believes that Stephanie harbors unresolved emotional wounds surrounding her mother's passing. Stephanie has always felt a lack of genuine love and acceptance from her mother, which contributes to the complexity of her grief.

Stuff/Random Objects
  • The garage and Mom’s bedroom is full of Mom’s stuff.

  • The family has gone thru about 25 % of it - so it is still unknown what is in the piles.

  • Beanie Babies

  • Boxes of Avon decanter bottles

  • Mom’s clothes--they still have all of them

  • Mom’s bedside lamp

  • Family Photos - at least a truck full

  • Genealogy Records - Family History

  • There is a suspicion Mom may have stashed cash somewhere

Who is getting their stuff?
  • Cousins - Extended family can come look at Grandma’s things after it has been gone through

  • 2 grandsons and one daughter

  • Donations or maybe a sale on secondhand market if anything is of value

Their Thoughts on Death

Stephanie has experienced alot of death and she would like to change the way we all talk about it. 

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