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Sisters Kristen & Lauren are at an impasse about what's to be done with their deceased mother's belongings, before Kristen moves out of the house where they are stored.

Kristen Campbell & Lauren Harrison

Kristen is an equine therapist; her sister Lauren is an audit manager

Transformation and Story Notes

Kristen and Lauren were once each other’s best friend. They grew up leaning on each other as they were the product of divorced parents. In the early days of the pandemic their mother got COVID and she passed away only a couple of weeks later. In the midst of quarantining and the world being shut down, they had no choice but to move all of their mother’s belongings into Kristen’s garage.

To this day, their mother’s husband will periodically show up and dump another box of their mom's belongings on Kristen’s doorstep, which gets shoved in the “graveyard”, (Kristen’s garage) without a thought. Kristen, the eldest sister, was ready to tackle the garage head-on and start tossing a lot of the junk they inherited, however her younger and more emotional sister, Lauren, wanted to ease into the process and really be able to touch, smell, and feel every item from their mom.

This polarity in addressing the clutter is what caused a wedge to form in the sister’s relationship. Even though they live a mile apart, they haven’t seen one another in 6 months, due to their differing styles in processing grief. Apart, they are both incredibly hopeful, optimistic, and ready to tackle the garage. However, they need that Swedish push to get them on the same page. Kristen wants Lauren to be in her children’s lives and Lauren misses the silly birthday parties at Kristen’s house. They want to return to being the kooky sisters that they once were and just need some guidance in handling their mother’s stuff. 

The house is currently listed; Kristen hopes to grow her family, aiming for 2 more children, and her and her husband want to move somewhere more accomodating for a growing family.  Showing a prospective buyer the horror show in the garage won't exactly help make the best impression.


Kristen claims she is less attached to the items in the garage and is ready to part with them, however her sister is much more emotionally attached and wants to take her time going through item by item. The end goal of the pair is the same: repair the relationship through going through our mother’s belongings together. They just can’t seem to sync up and figure out a gameplan on how to accomplish this.

Stuff/Random Objects
  • The infamous rooster collection that her mom decorated the kitchen with

  • Furniture--a dresser that Kristen specifically wants to keep for her family

  • A broken Top Gun DVD case- but Kristen can’t get herself to let go of it

  • Their mom’s Bible, which has Lauren’s name written inside

  • Holiday decor that Lauren would love to keep to pass down to her future family

  • A dirty, old footbath

  • Fake plants that their mom collected

  • Old shampoo bottles her mom used

  • Her mother's ashes, in a duct-taped box, shoved in a closet in the nursery.

Who is getting their stuff?
  • Kristen and Lauren will divide the items between them, and they would like to donate the rest. 

  • Their mom once was a teacher at a woman’s shelter, and they would like to take some of her items and donate to this organization.

  • As far as the ashes, the plan was to always divide them up between the sisters. Kristen would love to spread them in Massachusetts, her mom’s favorite place.

Their Thoughts on Death

Kristen’s best friend recently learned of her and Lauren’s strained relationship. The friend told Kristen that she herself did not speak with her own sister for a decade, and it wasn’t until she had to call her to tell her she had cancer did they finally speak. Kristen absolutely does not want to repeat this. She doesn’t want this to tear them apart forever. 

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