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Savannah Wolfson

32 yrs.

Colorado State House, District 26

Oak Creek, CO

Party: Republican

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PRIMARY: June 28th



Homeschool Mother




"I actually used to be on the left. I am a red pill walk away, I was a total Bernie Sanders fan girl, a few years ago. "


  • As a former "left-leaning unaffiliated voter", Savannah can see how the left is trying to exercise compassion but feels that the policies that they have put in place have done more harm than good for her family.


  • Raising her two kids in Northwest Colorado motivates her to make her district the best it can be. The rising cost of housing and groceries, decrease in safety, and concerns over education are the top issues that she hopes to address in her district.

  • Coming from a more rural area, a lot of the concerns she hears from her constituents have to do with agriculture and jobs. She believes that the policies being put in place by the legislature, like the shutdown of energy jobs and the Governor's "Meat Out" (boycotting their agriculture industry), are doing the most harm to the people of her community. She wants to be a voice for her constituents and not just a voice for her party.

  • Although she has previously volunteered with several campaigns and has served as the Republican secretary for her county party, this is Savannah's first time running for office herself. She wants to leave her community in a better place for the next generation. She realized that it was only fear that stopped her from running in the first place so she decided to put her fear aside and let her light shine as a beacon of hope, promise and opportunity for the people of Northwest Colorado.

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Friend & Volunteer

Kelly Mauldin

Campaign Manager

Tom Holley


Tom decided to get involved in Savannah's campaign because he was so impressed by her genuine care for the people in her community. Although he does not have a career in politics, he is doing everything possible to help her in this race. He believes she really represents a lot of the voices in their community and that it's time for an everyday voice to have a seat at the table.

Kelly is a friend of Savannah and a volunteer for the campaign. When she initally told Kelly she was planning on running, Kelly was a little shocked. After taking a moment to really think it over, she realized that Savannah was the right person for the job because she knows what it's like to live in rural northwest Colorado and she truly understands the issues of her community. Kelly plans on knocking on doors, attending fundraisers, and doing anything that Savannah needs in this campaign.

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Friend & Volunteer

Sarah Jane Snowden


Sarah met Savannah through local community organizations. Being the fourth generation born and raised in the area, she has connections to most of the people in her community. She is helping Savannah by helping introduce her to the right people and making the community aware that she is running.

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