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Nabeela Syed

22 yrs.

Illinois House,
District 51

Iverness, IL

Party: Democrat

Nabeela Syed.png


PRIMARY: June 28th



Assistant Director of Digital Strategy at
Civic Nation



"While I've only been alive for twenty two years, I've made sure that those twenty two years have been used in a fruitful way to advance the rights of the people of my community and surrounding communities that are also being marginalized and that are being oppressed."


  • A skilled organizer, Nabeela has been an active voice for her community, especially those who are underserved and underrepresented in government institutions. From knocking on doors to help elect Democrats in Schaumburg and Palatine to organizing Asian American voters to flip Senate seats in Georgia, Nabeela has worked to advance progressive causes on both a local and national scale.

  • Professionally, Nabeela has worked with a variety of progressive organizations, including EMILY’s List, to raise money to elect Democrats to Congress. Currently, Nabeela works for a non-profit in digital strategy supporting a variety of their civic engagement efforts including voter mobilization, ending sexual assault on college campuses, and promoting gender equity.

  • She is also active in her religious community at the Islamic Society of Northwest Suburbs and is a strong advocate for promoting interfaith dialogue and empowering young Muslim women to lead. Additionally, she is a strong advocate for gun violence laws and is passionate about protecting students from school shootings.

_Anusha Thotakura.jpg

Field Manager

Randall "RJ" Thacker

Campaign Manager

Anusha Thotakura

Randall _RJ_ Thacker.jpg

Anusha first met Nabeela in high school through the debate team. It was initially Anusha's idea that Nabeela runs for office because she couldn't find a candidate that represented muslim women. As her campaign manager, she is in charge of fundraising, communications, marketing and ensures that the campaign is running smoothly.

RJ met Nabeela through a mutual friend. He has worked as a field manager for several years now and most notably worked in Alabama in 2020 on the Doug Jones campaign. He believes so much in this campaign that he recently relocated to Illinois to work on it.

Sameena Parveen.png


Sameena Parveen


As Nabeela's mother, she was her first and strongest supporter. It was Sameena's encouragement that convinced her to run for office. She believes that Nabeela's caring and empathetic nature makes her the perfect candidate to stand up for the needs of those in her community.

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