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Matthew Handy

23 yrs.

Hopkinsville City Council - Ward 12

Hopkinsville, KY

Party: Republican






Substitute Teacher




"I'm running strictly on the principle that it is time for change. If the city's motive is to go forward and make change and it's time for fresh face and a new voice, I'm that guy."


  • Matthew is running because he believes his district is in desperate need of change. The incumbent he is running against has held this seat for the past 30 years and in that time the city’s population has steadily declined, but the budget has nearly doubled. Homelessness has overtaken the city and the crime, especially in Ward 12, has hit a record high.

  • Prior to running for office himself, he interned on Capitol Hill, worked on Senator Mitch McConnell and Senator Rand Paul's campaigns, as well as some local races in the Hopkinsville area.

  • Matthew does not come from a very political family. He says that his parents didn't even vote until a few years ago. He found his passion for politics on his own and decided to support the Republican party because as someone who grew up in the church, he felt the party's platform more closely aligned with his own moral values and beliefs.

  • Giving back to his community is Matthew's number one priority. Outside of his political and advocacy work, he works as a substitute teacher. This is another way he likes to give back and positively influence the next generation.



Cameron Hendley


As a Pastor, Cameron does believe in separation of church and state but also believes that morality has a place in politics. He is working as an advisor for Matthew's campaign because he believes that Matthews intentions are pure and that he has a natural gift of listening to all sides of an issue and the ability to bring people together.

Friend & Volunteer

Denyja Gray

Screen Shot 2022-04-12 at 10.30.24 AM.png

Denyja first met Matthew in middle school and they have been close ever since. She understands first hand the struggle young people face when they graduate school but the area that they live in doesn't provide opportunities to start a successful career. She shares Matthew's beliefs and thinks he is the right candidate to enact a change in their district.

Heather Turner.png

Friend & Volunteer

Dr. Heather Turner


Dr. Turner is a high school English teacher at the school that Matthew attended. While she wasn't one of his teachers, she became friends with him through his engagement in the community. A mother herself, she tries to be involved because it directly affects her children's lives and also her work as a teacher. Even though she doesn't usually vote Republican, she wants to support Matthew because she believes that he is the right person for the job.

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