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Michael Baughman

23 yrs.

Oklahoma House of Representatives, District 34

Stillwater, OK

Party: Republican

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PRIMARY: June 28th



Shift Lead at Insomnia Cookies




"I am the brand of young Republican who really wants to see the party change. I think Republicans have dropped the ball. They could have really stood firm in Libertarian values. I don't care what you do, as long as you don't break any laws, you don't hurt anybody. I don't care what you do you just leave me alone, and I think Republicans really need to enhance that message"


  • Michael Baughman was born and raised in Oklahoma. As a lifetime Republican, Michael knows what it takes to work hard and work to make the change that he wants to see in his community. While working at the Boys And Girls Club Of America, Michael gained a unique perspective from listening to kids grades 6-12 on how the education system should have mandatory life skills classes like cooking, how to find a part-time job and how to do taxes.

  • He believes in fighting to protect the life of the unborn in his state. He is 100% pro-gun, and wants to ensure that the people of Oklahoma continue to have the right to protect their families and individual liberties.

  • As a young Republican, he believes that the party needs to embrace Libertarian ideals. He believes that is going to make young people vote red. He believes that everyone is entitled to believe or do whatever they want- as long as they pay their taxes, don't break any laws, don't shove it in anyone's face, it doesn't hurt anyone, and you leave children out of it.

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Mary & Michael Baughman Sr.

Friend & Volunteer

Ben Miskin

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Ben met Michael in college and is helping him as a volunteer on the campaign. He has been integral in helping Michael register more young voters to turn up to the polls and vote. Outside of the fact that Michael's values align with Ben's, he believes that Michael's honesty and genuine personality are the qualities that make him best candidate.

Mary and Michael couldn't be prouder of their son for taking the initiative to run for office. They are dedicated to supporting Michael in anyway possible in his campaign. They have even agreed to pay his rent for him while he runs so that he can focus on the campaign.


Boss and Friend

Ashleigh Pittser


Ashleigh is Michael's boss at the cookie shop but is also a friend. She has supported him in this campaign by trying to be as flexible as possible with his work schedule. She considers him one of her top employees and thinks the integrity that he brings to work will translate into how he serves his district.

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