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Kionna West

31 yrs.

Representative in the General Assembly,
District 200, PA

Philadelphia, PA

Party: Republican

Kionna West.jpeg


PRIMARY: May 17th



Law Student/
Project Manager



"I want to bring a larger voice and amplified voice to the mothers that are desperately trying to protect their children and that don't have the funds."


  • Kionna describes herself as a big city girl with big ideas to change the city of Philadelphia.

  • A mother of one and the eldest of three, Kionna discovered at an early age her passion for serving. In her youth she sought to volunteer; Partnering with local non-profits for neighborhood clean-up, rebuilding impoverished schools, and aiding in donation drives for inner-city students.

  • After facing motherhood and childhood hardships relating to domestic violence. She vowed to become a voice and advocate for women experiencing abuse.

  • Currently pursuing her law degree, she wishes to become the justice she did not receive in family court by assisting struggling women and families experiencing to navigate our challenging justice system.



Kiquon West


Alfe Goodwin

Kiquon West.jpg

Alfe is a retired police officer and is running for the election in a neighboring district. The two are helping each other with their campaigns and figuring out together how to run without being career politicians. A single mom herself, Alfe understands Kionna's mission to see a change in the family court system.

Although Kiquon is Kionna's younger brother, he was the man of their house from a young age. He is there to support Kionna in any way that he can. Kionna sees her brother as an upstanding black man and sees hope in him, even though she has been let down by so many men in the past.

Sheila Armstrong.png

Campaign Manager

Sheila Armstrong


Sheila has over 15 years of experience as a campaign manager and has worked on some very notable campaigns in the Philly area. Very selective of whom she takes on as clients, she knew immediately after meeting Kionna that she wanted to help her in her campaign. She believes her youthful energy, willingness to challenge herself and others, and her faith make her the perfect candidate for this office.

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