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Jacob Torgerson

19 yrs.

Montana State House District 81

Helena, MT

Party: Democrat

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PRIMARY: June 7th



Starbucks Barista




"I have the perspective of a gay urban native American who's never felt quite accepted in any circle because I'm not quite native, not quite white, & not quite straight."


  • Jacob grew up in a working-class, blue-collar family of seven.  His parents were small business owners and he was first introduced to the world of politics by his grandmother who was a lobbyist. As early as three, he was joining her at the state capital.

  • He is a Labor Organizer, an active Community Organizer, and is the current elected Treasurer of Lewis and Clark County Democratic Central Committee.

  • To supplement his activism, he works full-time as a Starbucks barista. He is also in his second year as a student at Helena College.


  • Jacob is the only renter, student, LGBTQ+, and BIPOC candidate in this race.

  • If elected, Jacob will be a fierce advocate for working families, seniors, young people, women, LGBTQ+, and the small business community.

Erin Farris-Olsen.jpeg

Friend & Advisor

David Gins

Friend & Volunteer

Erin Farris-Olsen

David Gins .jpeg

Erin met Jacob while working in the Helena community activism scene. She believes that Montana is at an interesting place because it is getting more and more red. She thinks that it's going to take progressive voices, like Jacob's, to represent marginalized communities, like the LGBTQ community and people of color. While she is impressed with Jacob's conviction she does worry about how the darker side of politics could effect someone so young.

David has previously worked on several state wide and presidential campaigns. He has also worked for the Victory Institute. David connected with Jacob over Twitter. He decided to help and support him in this campaign because his values very much align with Jacob's.

Robert Farris-Olsen.jpeg

Friend & Advisor

Robert Farris-Olsen


Robert is Erin's partner and is currently serving as a State Representative in Montana. He knows first hand what is required to run a successful campaign. He has offered his guidance and experience to help Jacob in his campaign. As one of the younger individuals in the Montana Legislature, he would like to see even more young voices in the room.

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