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Jaylin D. McClinton

28 yrs.

Board Commissioner,
5th District

Chicago, IL

Party: Democrat

Jaylin D. McClinton.png


PRIMARY: June 28th







"Chicago's my home. Chicago's my community and I feel a strong responsibility to make sure that everyone who comes after me has a fair shot at opportunity."


  • Born and raised on Chicago’s South Side, Jaylin still lives in the same Roseland house he grew up in. He knew early on that he wanted to be a lawyer and use his position to advance his community.

  • In college, Jaylin discovered the ways he could marry his passion for his community with public service. He got his first taste of campaigning as a volunteer organizer on the Obama presidential campaign. He also made his first run for office, winning a highly competitive race for Student Trustee on the University of Illinois Board of Trustees.

  • After college, Jaylin worked for the Obama Administration in the Office of Management and Administration and shortly thereafter for then-Illinois State Representative Juliana Stratton, now Lieutenant Governor of Illinois.

  • Before law school, Jaylin also joined the Obama Foundation as their first-ever Community Organizer tasked with building a strong, grassroots local community network whose voices were at the center of every major decision.

  • Today he’s in his third year of law school and set to graduate in May of 2022. He externed for a federal judge, worked at the ACLU of Illinois, defended people’s civil and constitutional rights, and fought against corporations in violation of consumers’ privacy interests.

Darrellyn Green.jpeg

Friend & Volunteer

Nicole Johnson


Darrellyn Green


Darrellyn and Jaylin first met in college. They were the only two black students in an all white dorm and instantly connected. Darrellyn really believes that jaylin has the ability to connect with older voters while also representing a younger generation.

Nicole considers Jaylin like a younger brother. As someone who has ran for office before, she has taken him under her wing and helped him navigate running a campaign. She believes one of his biggest assets is that he is born and raised in this community and has its best interests at heart.

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Friend & Volunteer

Ken Thomas


Ken describes himself as the Swiss army knife of the campaign. He is on the field, knocking on doors and a general confidant to Jaylin. The two met through the black law students association and from the moment he met Jaylin he knew that he was going to be a transformational individual.

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