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The Dancing Chef

Zack Untalan

Los Angeles, CA / San Francisco, CA

Dancer / Student

  • Zack grew up in the San Francisco area and moved to Los Angeles to pursue his dreams of being a professional dancer. 

  • As a child, his parents both worked full-time, putting the pressure of cooking for the family on his shoulders. It was a task that he proudly took on when he was 8 years old. 

  • Coming from a large family who often gathers for holidays and other celebrations, Zack is always the head chef for 20-plus people. 

  • As an artist whose income experiences unpredicted peaks and valleys, Zack is forced to cook on a budget. He shops at the 99 Cent Store, can turn cheaper cuts of meat into delicacies, and can take a simple dish like Ramen, and give it a delicious flare. 

  • His family sometimes refers to him as the "starving artist" type, but Zack knows that with his mouth-watering Pork Sisig and Hainan Chicken, he is anything BUT starving!

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