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The Cajun Creole King

Triston Dyer

Anaheim , CA / Buena Park, CA


  • Triston was born in Buena Park and now lives in Anaheim with his husband and their cats. 

  • His family is from Louisiana, which is the driving factor for his immense knowledge of Creole and Cajun cooking.

  • Triston's grandmother owned a restaurant in Louisiana where he spent much of his childhood. Cooking is his way to transport him back to the past, when his grandmother was still alive, and pay homage to his Southern roots. 

  • Triston loves to coupon and use what some people refer to as "scraps" to kickstart any meal. He believes in the power of repurposing leftovers and making a dish that makes you feel at home. 

  • He is most proud of his red beans and rice, gumbo, and cajun pasta, all of which have a fusion of flavors from himself and his grandma.

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