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Cooking With Soul

Tracie Wright

Culver City, CA / Bakersfield, CA

Executive Assistant

  • Tracie lives in Culver City but has seen most of the world through her love of travel and her eight years serving as a Marine. Through these travels, she learned all about the techniques and traditions of food from around the globe. 

  • She learned how to cook Soul food from her mother when she was 12. This introduction to food is what truly ignited her passion for learning about not only her culture, but cultures from all over the world. 

  • While in the Marines, income and food variety were both scarce, so she had to get creative when wanting to feed her barracks. Using tricks she learned from her mom, Tracie would add water to milk in order to stretch it out, shop at the Dollar Store for meats and produce, and she would improvise with different kitchen appliances, as most were not allowed in the barracks.  

  • Amongst friends and family, Tracie is most known for her smothered pork chops, a meal that she has perfected on a budget.

  • She was on one episode of Winner Cake All on Food Network in January 2019.

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