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The Money Saving Scientist

Sam Moose

Santa Rosa, CA / Chicago metro, IL

Environmental Scientist

  • Sam is from the suburbs of Chicago and eventually found himself settling down with his wife in Santa Rosa, absolutely loving the weather and proximity to the coast. 

  • Identifying in the lower to middle class range, Sam sees the importance of budgeting across the board. He lives with his wife and stepson in a tight 600-foot apartment, with a kitchen that can just barely accommodate Sam's love for cooking. 

  • His interest in cooking began when he was 19, during his time serving in the Navy. The food options were often unhealthy and unsatisfying, so he took it upon himself to learn how to provide him and his friends with meals that were equally tasty and cheap.

  • To save money in the kitchen, Sam grows his own lemons, bay leaves, goes mushroom foraging, owns 6 chickens, and goes crabbing and clamming at the nearby pier. 

  • Asian cuisine is his favorite to cook and the favorite of his family. His wife even prefers his Chicken Pho over her favorite local restaurants!

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