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The Recipe Remixxer

Nina Monique

San Diego, CA

Corporate Sales

  • Nina was born and raised in the San Diego area and still lives there as a single mom to her 5 year old son. 

  • By day, she considers herself a "corporate baddie", excelling in the industry of Corporate Sales. By night, Nina is focusing on her passion project, Recipe Remixx, which is a platform that aims to remove the stigma and fear of creating delicious and "fancy" meals in the kitchen. 

  • She learned how to cook Soul food from her mother when she was 12. In Nina's family, the smell of cornbread and greens meant it was time for the family to spend time together and relax, often with jazz music playing in the background. 

  • After having very little money in college, Nina learned some nifty tricks to stretch her money. She saves leftover pickle juice and uses it as the base for numerous sauces. She also uses sardines, a cheap and flavorful fish, to add an extra PIZAZZ to an ordinary dish. 

  • Nina is most proud of her catfish tacos, the perfect representation of her unique fusion of Soul and Mexican cuisines.

  • She was on one  episode of Password on NBC in October 2022.

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