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Fishing For Ways
To Budget

Matt Taylor

San Diego, CA

Project Manager / Student

  • Matt was born and raised in Pacific Beach and is an adrenaline junkie through and through. From skydiving to deep-sea diving, he chases after the dangerous thrills in life.

  • As someone who is going to schoool full-time while balancing working full time, he budgets wherever he can, including rent and food expenses. As he can't afford a stove, he's currently making do with two hot plates to cook his meals. 

  • For Matt, cooking began as a necessity during his childhood after his mother was in a car accident and could no longer cook. After Matt took over in the kitchen, his culinary interest blossomed into a delicious passion!

  • He believes that anything you can provide for yourself will be tastier...and cheaper! He spearfishes and grows several of his own fruits and vegetables, reducing the extra costs of expensive grocery store trips.

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