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The Jiu Jitsu Chef

Louis Supan

Huntington Beach, CA / San Francisco, CA

Jiu Jitsu Coach

  • After growing up in San Francisco, Louis traveled around the West Coast until he landed in Huntington Beach, where he currently rents an apartment with his girlfriend. 

  • His two main hobbies in life are Martial Arts and cooking nutritious food. He has combined these two art forms and is now a celebrated meal-prepper in the LA area. 

  • Growing up in a large Filipino family, food was an important element for togetherness and tradition. He learned from his grandma and is now known for his unique fusion of Filipino and West Coast foods. 

  • As someone who is saving up to purchase his first home while also paying for his sister's college tuition, Louis budgets as much as possible. He coupons, buys in bulk, and has his local butcher cut his meat, rather than paying nearly double for pre-cut meat. 

  • Louis' meal-prepping has been featured in San Diego Voyager and was included in the Top 24 Meal Prep Services in LA in 2022.

  • He filmed 1 episode of "Supermarket Stakeout" on Food Network in August 2022.

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