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Budgeting Veggie Mama

Avi Greene

Aliso Viejo, CA / Venice Beach, CA

Nutrition/Fitness/Mindset Coach, Healthy Gourmet Meal Prep Chef

  • Avi grew up in the heart of Venice Beach surrounded by an array of art and culture. She lives her life dedicated to health, wellness, and embracing her "free spirit" mentality. 

  • She is a single mom to three teenagers, all of which would describe her as "the cool mom". 

  • As a coach who specializes in mental and physical health, Avi primarily works with moms. She loves lifting up and celebrating the work of moms from all walks of life. 

  • Avi started cooking when she was 10, out of necessity to feed her family after her parents got divorced. Now, through her Gourmet Meal Prep Service, she feeds over 20 families every single week.

  • After being raised on a budget and now budgeting to feed her three teenagers, Avi's tricks to currently cooking on a budget include swapping proteins for cheap vegetable options, cooking from scratch, and striking deals at the Farmer's Market. 

  • She recently published a book called A Plate of Self Care, which was described as a "must have guide for all women" and even hit Amazon's Best Seller list.

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