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Cajun Carrot Queen

Amanda Ortega

Ontario, CA

Cake Artist

  • Amanda was born and raised in the Ontario area and still currently resides there. 

  • During the pandemic in 2020 when layoffs were increasingly common, Amanda's parents moved in with her and her two sons in order to financially stay afloat. Amanda had to make a big change in her budgeting in order to afford to feed two more people in her household. 

  • She started cooking when she was 7 years old and has very fond memories of pretending to host her own cooking show. Now, with feeding 5 people in her home, she believes she is serving up 5-star meals while sticking to a tight budget. 

  • Amanda's family raves over her cheap version of the classic Surf & Turf. She replaces the seafood and expensive cuts of meat with much cheaper varieties. Her family are bacon fanatics, but Amanda has discovered that if she spices carrots in the most creative of ways, she can make it taste just like bacon, but for cheaper! To save money, Amanda also utilizes rice, which she describes as versatile and cheap. 

  • She was on one episode of Baketopia on HBO MAX in March 2021.

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