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The Price-Cutting Panamanian

Aleesha Love

Las Vegas, NV / Compton, CA

Virtual Assistant

  • Aleesha lived in Compton until she was 11 years old, then bounced around California until she settled in Vegas. 

  • She was adopted into a Panamanian family at a young age which ignited her passion and admiration for food and cooking. 

  • Aleesha is happily married with 5 children but went on an exhausting and trying journey to get to where she currently is. Her and her family faced lay-off's, evictions, and even homelessness, but their love for each other is what carried them through. 

  • As the main cook in her household, she budgets in the kitchen as much as possible in order to afford to feed the 7 people in her home. She is also saving up to open her own restaurant one day, a food experience that shows people you can eat delicious food without emptying your wallet. 

  • She is known for her tacos and red beans and rice, a dish that she learned from her Panamanian grandmother. 

  • Aleesha's money saving hacks in the kitchen include using Cup of Noodles instead of buying boxed pasta for family spaghetti night. She also swaps oxtail for turkey necks, a hack that she says no one can even tell the difference!

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