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The Pennywise Puppeteer

David Halle

Los Angeles, CA / Brooklyn, NY

Social Media Puppeteer

  • Growing up in a Trinidadian family, Haile was always around food. However, as a kid he was often shooed out of the kitchen to stay out of the way of the grownups.

  • After this Brooklyn Boy moved to Los Angeles, the reality of the cost of food hit him like a ton of bricks. He spent the first few months in The City of Angels talking to his mom about cooking, savings and tricks.

  • One of his favorite cooking hacks is the marked-down produce basket at the farmers market. 

  • He also knows what days to buy certain proteins because of how they'll be marked down for freshness. Haile always cooks it right away and it's always incredible.

  • Haile is working to make his comic book about growing up in Brooklyn into a cartoon, which lead to his friend commissioning a puppet that looks like the main character. Halie has gone viral with Aloe who often brings up great eats.

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