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High Flying Flavorista

Lauren Smith

Santa Monica, CA / San Clemente, CA

Flight Attendant

  • As a private flight attendant, Lauren is a jack of all trades. She is a personal assistant, cleaning crew, dog sitter, personal chef, safety officer and friend.

  • Couldn't boil water when she first moved to LA, but was so broke that she had to learn to cook. She has always had expensive taste, so she quickly learned how to replicate fancy dishes on a frugal budget. 

  • Lauren's personal budget is nowhere near the budgets she has seen at 40,000 feet, so she's had the unique opportuntiy to recreate high-end flavors using budget-friendly hacks that she prides herself on. 

  • Her favorite budget hack is using Coca-Cola to tenderize cheap cuts of beef. 

  • Prefers to make things from scratch when it'll save her money and elevate the quality of her food. 

  • Loves to forage for edible flowers & herbs in her neighborhood.

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