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Downhome Dude

William "Cory" Pratt

Studio City, CA / Grassy Fork, TN

Costume Warehouse Coordinator

  • Cory grew up in a tiny town in Appalachia where the cooking was incredible, but the budget was always tight.

  • His love of cooking and baking was fostered by his Memaw, who is still his favorite person on the planet.

  • Foraging was a big part of his life growing up, and he has found some incredibly gourmet mushrooms and produce out in the woods. Although it's not as prevalent in Los Angeles, this skill has helped him develop an eye for a good deal at the grocery store.

  • This mountain boy is a millennial who loves brunch, and during 2020 he discovered that he loves to make both sweet and savory brunches from scratch. His Southern roots shine through his brunch dishes, which range from elevated shrimp and grits to croissant french toast bread pudding to downhome, from-scratch biscuits and gravy and beyond.

  • He has a tattoo of a tiny pickle in honor of his Memaw. She had a beautiful garden, and every year she'd let Cory pick the first pickle.

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