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Zero Waste Cook

Rohini Chandra

Monterey Park, CA / Freehold, NJ

Customer Service Rep/Actor

  • A first-generation Indian-American, Rohini grew up in a small town in New Jersey. A few years ago Rohini and her family made a life changing decision to leave the hustle and bustle of the east coast for a more laid back lifestyle in California. 

  • Even though her family is tight-knit, Rohini says her parents are very conservative and never say "I love you" to each other. To show their love and appreciation, Rohini's family makes home cooked meals to eat while sitting around their dining table together. 

  • Rohini loves making traditional Indian dishes that she learned by watching her parents cook when she was younger, as well as getting creative in the kitchen thanks to inspiration for her next meal from The Food Network or YouTube. 

  • Cooking on a budget wasn't always necessarily a part of Rohini's lifestyle. When she worked in Manhattan she would oftentimes go out to lunch and late night dinners. After moving to the west coast and living a freelance lifestyle, Rohini discovered truly cooking inexpensive meals could make her dollar stretch.

  • To keep the costs down in the kitchen, Rohini loves to make her own spices, pastes and condiments. She also makes sure that she has zero waste when she is cooking. Rohini has no problem using every single part of a fish or using vegetables and potato scraps in her sauces for extra nutrition.

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