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Hunter Gatherer

Rebecca Taylor

Los Angeles, CA / New Britain, CT

Food Stylist

  • Rebecca is from a small town in Connecticut but she decided to pack her bags and follow her dreams of moving to Los Angeles to pursue a career in the music industry. While she still enjoys singing and being creative in every facet of her life, Rebecca fell into food styling after being discovered on her budget friendly cooking instagram account.

  • Growing up, Rebecca was often left to her own devices since her parents were always working. She loved to thumb through her mother's cookbooks and magazines and has fond memories of the first time she cooked chicken breasts for her and her sister.

  • Rebecca loves to live life as frugally as she can. She never buys anything full price whether it is food, clothes or furniture for her condo. She feels like she probably annoys her friends with her spending habits. One of them even gave her a cookbook called Cooking with Scraps.

  • Known to save the seasoning at the bottom of her Everything But The Bagel pretzel bag, Rebecca will go to extreme lengths to save money on food. She will use every part of the herb when she is preparing meals and will put the extras in olive oil and freeze them in ice cube trays to put in future soups. 

  • Rebecca thinks of herself as a hunter-gatherer because she loves to forage for food when she can. She loves when she is able to find chanterelle mushrooms to add to her dishes as well as edible flowers and herbs. 

  • Previously appeared on Tiny Food Fight in 2021.

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