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The Coaching Chef

Freddy Castro

Glendale , AZ / Peoria, AZ

Roofing business owner

  • Freddy Castro is a busy man. A lifelong Arizonian, Freddy owns his own roofing business, and works for Arizona's state parks and recreation department. In his spare time, Freddy coaches varsity softball for the same high school he graduated from. Every year he cooks a big meal for all of his players at the beginning of the new season.

  • The oldest child in a large family, Freddy is now the patriarch of an impressive brood of his own.  He and his wife have seven kids, including four that are adopted.

  • Cooking on a budget comes naturally for Freddy because he grew up learning the tricks of the trade from his mother and father. Freddy didn't realize that he didn't grow up with a lot of money because he always felt like he ate like a King.

  • To make his money stretch further for his children, Freddy has switched from cow's milk to almond milk. He also puts flour in his food and sauces to make them thicker so they can use less meat.

  • Freddy's biggest grocery shopping tip is to shop at one store like his favorite, Fry's, to accumulate points to bring his future grocery bills down. He also loves buying his meats and canned vegetables on sale and in bulk there to save.

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