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Tasmanian Devil

Deanna Colon

Las Vegas, NV / Winchester, MA

Vocal Coach

  • Deanna is an east coaster through and through. Born and raised in  Winchester, Masscusetts, she now finds herself living in Sin City. After moving to Las Vegas during the pandemic, Deanna still connects to her Massachusetts roots with her TikTok series, Go Fork Yaself. 

  • Deanna's parents got married young and immediately opened up their Italian restaurant in their hometown. She saw firsthand how busy and hectic the industry was and after working in the restaurant most of her life Deanna went to Berklee College of Music on a full scholarship and became a vocal coach. 

  • While she wanted to avoid working in a restaurant, Deanna still very much has a love of food and is always found in her kitchen. Her cooking series, Go Fork Yaself, shows off her big personality and helps teach her viewers not only how to cook well but to also do it on a budget. 

  • Deanna is chock-full of great budget cooking tips including how to cook things from scratch so it is budget-friendly and also lacks unhealthy ingredients only meant to preserve. She makes her own pasta, pancake mix and bread. 

  • After revering her father and his skills in the kitchen, Deanna's favorite compliment she ever received was from her dad when after eating one of her meals at her weekly family dinner he told her that she had surpassed him as a chef. 

  • Has previously appeared on AGT in 2013 and Masterchef in 2019.

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