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The Struggling Artist

Nazret Hezbom

Los Angeles, CA / Seattle, WA

Singer / Songwriter

  • Nazret is the first of her family to be born in the United States. Her mother is from Ethiopia and a majority of her family including her grandmother are still there. Nazret was raised in Seattle and has been in Los Angeles for the past five years.

  • In and out of homeless shelters most of her life, Nazret learned to cook on a budget while observing her mother when she wasn't working. When they did have secure housing, the first thing Nazret would do when moving in was run to the kitchen because she loved cooking so much.

  • Nazret enjoys cooking because it feels like a meditation for her. While she is a creative to her core, Nazret finds that she can be just as passionate about the food she creates as the songs that she writes.

  • Referring to herself as a "struggling artist," Nazret still believes in cooking on a budget because every month can either be feast or famine. She follows the seasons to help stay within her food budget as well as swapping out spices and using less expensive cuts of meats to make luxurious meals for less.

  • Some of Nazret's favorite memories are sitting around the dinner table with her family and friends. Her favorite compliments to receive are the ones where her food leaves her friends absolutely speechless.

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