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Frugal Fiesta Chef

Marlena Sauceda

Mesa, AZ / San Jose, CA

Project Manager

  • Marlena was born in San Jose, lived in Mexico for a year with family, moved to Vegas, and then finally planted her roots in Mesa, Arizona with her husband of 3 years. 

  • She grew up in a Mexican-American family, with her earliest memories being in complete awe of her grandmother as she would cook tacos and quesadillas. 

  • As the child of teen parents who struggled financially, Marlena was raised on food stamps, and had to be creative in order to stretch the meals for her and her family. 

  • Marlena never buys pre-cut veggies or sliced cheese, as these selections are more costly. She also only shops on the perimeter of the store, avoiding the aisles which are full of pre-processed and often more expensive food. 

  • She absolutely loves making tacos, something she learned from her grandmother and her mother. Marlena's husband says her tacos are so good that there's no longer a need to visit the local taqueria any more!

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