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The Resourceful Mom

Lucretia Williams

Inglewood, CA / Long Beach, CA


  • Lucretia is a mother of eight living in Inglewood, California. She currently works as a cashier whose regulars look forward to seeing her warm and welcoming smile each morning. 

  • As inflation continued to rise, Lucretia was forced to homelessness, often preparing meals for her family on the grill of public parks. She has since been able to move into a home with her family, but with the cost of living, she is forced to budget and be creative in order to afford to feed her kids. 

  • After finding her footing, Lucretia opened her own food truck, 'Stuffed Eats', specializing in seafood. It was a success, but she suffered another personal setback when the truck was destroyed by a fire.

  • She saves money by not purchasing butter, but instead making her own. She also shops at the 99 Cent store, claiming that she can find great quality ingredients for much cheaper. 

  • Her family absolutely loves her Dorito Chicken, a cheap and easy meal that upcycles a bag of chips to a gourmet tasting dish.

  • Lucretia has learned through trial-and-error how to stretch the dollar and isn't afraid to try new methods in order to make a delicious, filling, and budget friendly meal.

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