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The Cook From the Heart

Kendelle Andrus

Long Beach, CA / Sylmar, CA

Project Manager

  • Kendelle was born and raised in Sylmar, California. When the pandemic hit, she briefly moved to Lancaster, and then found herself settling in Long Beach where she met her boyfriend of 2 years. 

  • Her first memory in the kitchen was standing on a wooden stool and being mesmerized by her mom's cooking. After losing her father, Kendelle, her brother, and her mom used cooking as a way to stay connected as a small but resilient family. 

  • She absolutely loves making Mexican food and takes pride in how authentic her creations turn out. Even her boyfriend's family, who only speak Spanish, say that Kendelle's food is "delicioso". 

  • After being laid off during the start of the pandemic, Kendelle was forced to prioritize cooking on a strict budget. She has continued this lifestyle in order to hopefully move out of her small mobile home and buy a home with her boyfriend. 

  • To save money, she swaps lasanga noodles for zucchini, grinds her own beef, and uses cauliflower for rice when it is in season. 

  • Kendelle experiences a thrill of pride when people devour her food and gush over how delicious it is. It is a true guilty pleasure of hers to know that the food is not only incredible, but also CHEAP!

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