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Meal Prep King

Ken Butler

Los Angeles, CA / Philadelphia, PA

Meal Prepper / Blogger

  • Ken is originally from Philadelphia but now splits his time between Atlanta and Los Angeles. While he starts his meal prepping business in Georgia, Ken hopes to follow his dreams and open up a small kitchen in Los Angeles in the next couple of months.

  • After losing 75 pounds in 2017, Ken changed his lifestyle completely. He went from cooking fatty, high-caloric foods to not eating anything from a can or drinking anything that came from a bottle. Ken started meal prepping for friends after they noticed his weight loss and realized they could eat healthy even if they were on budgets.

  • Ken learned how to not only cook but cook on a budget out of necessity. His mother was very sick when he was younger and in and out of the hospital so many nights he had to fend for himself. 

  • Currently Ken cooks for his partner, godchildren and his LGBT youth nonprofit every weekend. He continues to use his budget cooking skills to make sure that he can feed as many mouths as possible. 

  • Ken has many budget tips he uses nearly every day in the kitchen. He prefers to cook things from scratch to eliminate bad ingredients and to keep the cost down. Ken loves to make his own sauces including pasta and pesto sauces. While he prefers juicy thigh meat over wings anyday, Ken uses this trick to keep his meat costs down as well.

  • Appeared on Revenge Body in 2017.

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