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Ballin' on a Budget

Jason Thomas

Roseville , CA / Virginia Beach, VA

Verizon Sales Consultant

  • Jason is originally from the Virginia Beach area but now lives in Roseville with his wife and nine children. 

  • He absolutely loves being a father. His kids would describe him as the "lively dad", whose pride and admiration can oftentimes be too much for them to handle. 

  • His cooking journey began by observing his grandmother who had the magical ability to make something out of nothing in the kitchen. He was always reminded by her "If it ain't got soul, it ain't good." 

  • He learned how to budget from his grandma, who cooked for 13 grandchildren. Now, with nine kids of his own, Jason is forced to cut corners in the kitchen, but never cuts the level of flavor and quality in his meals. He often swaps out meat for vegetables, as they are often cheaper. He also swaps cheese for a potato mixture, a hack that he says no one would ever taste the difference, but his wallet definitely notices the savings. 

  • Jason loves cooking Italian cuisine, being well known for his alfredo from scratch. He absolutely loves being in the kitchen and is proud to be "balling on a budget!".

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