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David Dillie

20 yrs.

Las Vegas City Council, Ward 6

Las Vegas, NV

Party: Non-partisan

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PRIMARY: June 14th







"I'm proud to be one of the youngest candidates at about 20 years old. That is not something you hear every day, especially in the city of Las Vegas."


  • David Dillie is the youngest candidate to run for city council in the history of Las Vegas, and if elected would be the youngest elected official, not just Las Vegas but all of Nevada history.

  • David has experience in multiple avenues of career technical education such as a State officer in SkillsUSA, Chapter officers for DECA, Future Farmers of America, and future business leaders of America. Dillie understands the importance of white and blue-collar workers and the impact they have on society and Las Vegas.

  • Coming from a diverse family background, his mom being a former volunteer paramedic, his dad a veteran, and his two brothers who have Cerebral palsy, autism, moderate intellectual disability. David also has a family in Las Vegas consisting of his godfather and all of his cousins.

  • David comes from a long line of veterans and has worked alongside them since around the age of 12. This allows David to recognize what physical and mental conditions need to be addressed, whether it’s mental or physical we need to help those who have sacrificed for us.

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Jaedan Zucco


Hunter Cain

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Hunter met David's father while serving in the military. They became close and when David was born, he asked him to be his godfather. Hunter is Bisexual and decided to take a step back after others started to comment that he was going to be a bad influence on David. While his father never thought that, they lost touch but reconnected when David was 15. Hunter is running for office himself and is hoping to help David navigate the waters.

Jaeden is Hunter's foster son and is helping David with his campaign. He believes that it is important that younger people get involved with politics because ultimately it's going to be up to them to shape a brighter future. He is excited to help David win this race.

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Lyle Dillie


As David's father, Lyle has always seen his son's natural ability to be a leader. He works as an editor for a veterans magazine and has some photography experience. He has used this experience to help David's marketing.

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