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Moneer Kheireddine

25 yrs.

U.S. House of Representatives,
District FL-13

St. Petersburg, FL

Party: Republican

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PRIMARY: Aug 23rd


Law Student



"My goal and my intentions with running are to try and build a Republican Party that cares again. And there's not necessarily a lot of folks at 25 years old, who have the background and experience that I do."


  • Born to Lebanese immigrants and raised in a working-class home in the suburbs of Pinellas County, Moneer has been a direct witness to the dedication it takes to truly live out the American Dream. Moneer was taught from a young age that with a little bit of hard work and a whole lot of faith, that dream could eventually become a reality.

  • With a background of local government experience representing over 50,000 at the University of South Florida as Student Body President and overseeing a nearly 20 million dollar budget, Moneer is no stranger to public service or public life.

  • Moneer’s running for public office because as our nation continues to point fingers between bad faith actors and establishment players, he knows it doesn’t matter who’s to blame for our problems. He knows we cannot waste any more time holding grudges and pushing hateful rhetoric, or hoping that a magical solution will fix all of our issues.

  • He’s ready to be the solution for not just the citizens of Pinellas County, but for the State of Florida, the United States, and Planet Earth itself. Because he knows that it is only through the utmost care and consideration for the working class that we can ever hope to preserve the American Dream that so many of us have labored to create.

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Friend & Supporter

Scott Tavlin


Tala El-Ghali

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One of the things that first attracted Tala to Moneer was his positivity and his optimistic view of the changes he sees that he can make in the world. A sceptic by nature, she thinks that if he can get her to believe in his abilities, he will have no problem convincing the voters in the district.

Scott is Moneer's friend and roommate. His work as a radio personality gives him the ability to help Moneer connect to the community through the events he is invited to and his strong social media presence. Having formerly ran against Moneer for student government in college, he knows first hand Moneer's ability to run a successful campaign.

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Leila Kherridine

Chief of Campaign/Manager

Arianna Martinez


As a Mother, Leila was originally concerned for her son when he told her he was running. She worried that as a son of Lebanese immigrants, Moneer would face some discrimination in the Republican party. After seeing Moneer's commitment and passion she has decided to support his campaign in any way she can.

Arianna has worked along side Moneer during their time in college. She served as his Chief of Staff while he was President of the Student Council. She is excited to work with him on his campaign and be his right-hand woman during this election.

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