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Minu Lee

20 yrs.

Raleigh City Council, District B

Raleigh, NC

Party: Democrat



PRIMARY: July 1-15



Substitute Teacher/
Political Science Major




"It's important to pay attention to what goes on at the local level. It has so much to do with your daily lives maybe more so then the President then Congress itself."


  • A son of Korean immigrants, his family has lived in Raleigh for the past 14 years. His parents came to this country for a better life and started a cleaning business from the ground up.

  • Minu wants to bring a progressive voice to the Raleigh City Council, advocating for affordable and low-income housing, responsible development, new policies that promote our environment, and political involvement for everyone in District B and beyond.

  • In his 20 years of life he has already worked as a Substitute Teacher, a Janitorial Supervisor/Administrative Assistant at his family business, a Commissioner for Raleigh Civil Service Commission, 2nd Vice President of the NC Democratic Party’s AAPI Caucus of Wake County, a News Reader for the NC Reading Service, and a volunteer for the Sierra Club Capital Group.

  • Majoring in Political Science, he will graduate from North Carolina State University this year.

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Sister & Volunteer

Yang Lee

Campaign Manager

Elijah Geist


Elijah met Minu in a political science class that he took as an easy way to complete three credits. When he heard Minu was running and learned more about his beliefs, he was so inspired that he decided to get involved. As campaign manager, he is in charge of organizing events, fundraising, managing interns, and running the campaign's social media.

While Yang and the rest of the family were originally surprised when Minu said he was running for city council, it only took her a little while to realize that this is something he has been passionate about and working towards his entire life. She believes that her brother has all the qulaities that are needed to represent thier comminity and is willing to help his campaign in any way she can.


Campaign Finance Director

Hannah Schuette


Hannah first met Minu when she was a sophomore in high school. They have worked together on several different community outreach projects in high school and when he reached out to her about helping in the campaign, it felt very natural that they would team up on this new endevour.

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