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27 yrs.

Iowa Senate, District 17

Des Moines, IA

Party: Non-partisan

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PRIMARY: June 7th



Community Organizer




"Our campaign really represents and I represent, everything that our government isn't. That's advocates. That's organizers. That's people of color. I'm a child of immigrants that works very closely with immigrants within marginalized communities."


  • Born and raised in Sioux City, IA, Alejandro “Ale” Murguia-Ortiz is the child of immigrant meatpacking workers. Ale has been politically active for nearly their entire life, attending their first protest for Immigrants’ rights at eight years old.

  • Alejandro worked as the Development and Communications Director for Vote Smart, a political research organization in Des Moines.

  • In response to COVID-19 outbreaks in the meatpacking industry, Alejandro has spent the last two years as a full-time organizer, advocating for immigrant and workers rights across Iowa. Alejandro began talking to their parents about the conditions in the plant. From there, they began talking to workers all over the state, hearing first-hand accounts from workers about the lack of safety that has long plagued the industry and how it manifested itself during this outbreak.

  • Ale believes that the only effective way to address the needs of the people is by continuing to organize, be present among their constituents, and by bringing people together on the issues they wish to address.

  • They decided to run as an independent because the Democratic party of Iowa has continued to show that it is completely detached from its constituents and many are eager for something different. They want to work to build new systems to provide direct representation and invest in the needs of their communities. They strive to help their community organize their workplace, organize as tenants, and as members of our communities so that we can build collective power that will be impossible to ignore by decision-makers.

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Friend & Volunteer

Pascha Morgan

Political Advisor

Yena Balekyani

Pascha Morgan.png

Yena works as a Partnership Director with Progress Iowa. She met Alejandro through their work as community organizers and advocates. She decided to put her support behind them because she believes that Alejandro really wants to give a voice to marginalized voices that typically go ignored.

Pascha's main role in this campaign is managing outreach through social media. As a younger campaign, they are really focusing on how they can target groups of young voters to encourage them to show up and vote. Having worked with Alejandro on another campaign, when they reached out to him to see if he could help, Pascha jumped at the opportunity.

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Isabel Martínez


Isabel believes that Alejandro brings a youthful energy that makes them perfect for this position. As a family friend, she has witnessed the family background that Alejandro was raised in and believes that makes them a great representative of their community.

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