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Carlos Childs

24 yrs.

County Commissioner District 3

Waldorf, MD

Party: Democrat

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PRIMARY: July 19th



Student & Fair and Secure Election Organizer




"In 2018 when all those like young progressive Congress people ran for office, I was like hold up wait, it's not just like old people who are involved in politics."


  • At a young age, Carlos learned the importance of hard work, seeing his mother, who raised him as a single parent, working full-time to provide for the family. She has made him the hard-working man he is today, valuing community service and family. Prior to getting into politics, he studied at the Culinary Institute of Virginia and had planned on being a chef. He is currently a student at Arizona State University working towards earning a Bachelor of Science in Political Science.

  • In 2019 he started getting active in politics by working as a financial assistant for a Virginia state senator’s reelection campaign. While working there he found his interest in localized politics and policies that affect people’s everyday life such as access to affordable healthcare and public infrastructure. In 2020, he worked for Delegates David Moon and Vaughn Stewart in the Maryland where he has been advocating for policies on the federal, state, and local levels that not only expand access to healthcare and fight against climate change but also raise the standard of living for all working-class Americans.


  • He believes that it is time for Waldorf to have a Commissioner that puts the priorities of its residents above those of developers and big money interests. Someone who advocates for expanding healthcare access, ending unreasonably high rent increases, investing in public infrastructure, and fully funding our county’s public schools. He is running to pass legislation that improves the standard of living for all County residents. Because it hurts him to see the challenges he saw his community face growing up are the same challenges they face today.


Campaign Manager

Cristian Lemus


Marcia Childs

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Marcia was never really interested in politics until her son started getting her involved. She feels that when he first started volunteering, he really found what he was put on this earth to do. Raising a son as a single mom was not always easy but her son has easily surpassed any expectation she's had of him.

Cristian has supported Carlos in his apiration to run for public office since the very first conversation they had about it on the car ride home from a Bernie Sanders Fundraiser. As Campaign Manager, his job is to make sure that he keeps all the volunteers united in the goal and vision of Carlos' campagin.

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Director of Communications

Pascale Small


Pascale is in charge of everything social media and communications driven. She helps get Carlos' name out there in any way possible. She currently works as the Public Affairs and Hispanic Outreach Manager at

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